Nish contributes op-ed style pieces to a variety of publications, such as Cosmopolitan, Christianity Today, Sojourners and more. She has been quoted in several pieces in places like Politico, The Daily Beast, and The Guardian. She was also a contributor to a roundtable discussion on BBC Radio to offer insight into Evangelicals and the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. 




“If McCall Charter School Moves Forward, Our Community’s Values Decline” Idaho Statesman 2019

"6 Reasons Deporting the Dreamers Would Be Not Just Heartless But Also Really Stupid"  Cosmopolitan 2018

"The Nightmare Scenario Facing Millions of Children in This Country" Cosmopolitan 2018

"4 Reasons You Should Be Disgusted by the GOP's Immoral Tax Plan" Cosmopolitan 2017

"My 7-Year-Old Asked Me if the President Was Going to Hurt Him"  Cosmopolitan 2017

"The Senate Health Care Bill Is Crueler Than You Ever Imagined"  Cosmopolitan 2017

"Taking Away Women's Healthcare is not Pro-Life"  Cosmopolitan 2017

"10 Things Parents of Autistic Children Want You to Know"  Cosmopolitan 2017

"My Son is Autistic and I'm Terrified of what Betsy DeVos' confirmation will mean for him."  Cosmopolitan 2017

"These Evangelicals Have Long Spoken Out Against Trump. No One Was Listening."  Sojourners, 2016

"My view: Time to show the world that Utah holds to its values"  - Deseret News, 2016

"A Hidden Opportunity in Your Church"  - Christianity Today, 2014

"Evangelical in Mormon Territory"  - Christianity Today, 2014




"Trump and the Evangelical Vote" - BBC WorldService (Appearing alongside 3 presidential advisors)




"walking through" - sermon @ ecclesia church, houston, tx

"transformation in community" - sermon @ ecclesia church, houston, tx

"call him good" - Sermon @ ecclesia church, houston tx


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